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Batch Pack <20m3-45m3>Simple Structure x Compact Design

Despite its compact structure, Batch Pack is a tough concrete batching plant and is compatible with high intensity mixing.


  Batch Pack 500 Batch Pack 1000
Storage Bin NONE NONE
G 1+2 800 x 1.0kg 1+2 1500 x 2.0kg
S 1 800 x 1.0kg 1 1500 x 2.0kg
C 1 300 x 0.2kg 1 600 x 0.5kg
W 1 100 x 0.1kg 1 200 x 0.2kg
AD 1+2 4 x 0.01kg 1+2 8 x 0.01kg
Control Panel CPF (Standard) / Command Touch B (Optional)
Twin shaft pugmill mixer
FSF-500 FSF-1000 / DSF-110
15kW x 1GM 15kW x 2GM / 22kW x 2GM
Air seal Air seal
Discharge type Concrete chute Concrete chute
Air compressor 11kW RECIPRO TYPE
Pure water pump 1.5kW×1UNIT
High pressure pump for washing 2.2kW×1UNIT
Dust collector (Bag filter type) 0.75kW×1UNIT DUST BOX COLLECTING TYPE
Supply conveyor G W400×30T/h G W450×55T/h
S W400×30T/h S W450×45T/h

S type <30m3-180m3>High Performance x Easy assembly

The S and SS Series are simple but high-performance concrete batching plants.
They can be assembled and dismantled in a short time.

<Two models of S type batching plants for your choice>

S4,S2 type

The S2 and S4 type are equipped with a material storage bin.
Compared to the SS type, they can achieve a higher per-hour capacity.

S4,S2 type

The SS is a weighing belt conveyor type without a material storage bin.
It requires a shorter construction period for assembling and dismantling compared to the S2 and S4 type.


Model SS-50P S2S-50P SS-100P S4S-100P
Theoritical discharge output Max. 30m3/H Max. 30m3/H Max. 60m3/H Max. 60m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale × Min. scale)
Gravel 800 × 1kg 2kinds 800 × 1kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds
Sand 800 × 1kg 1kind 800 × 1kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind
Cement 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind
Water 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity N/A 20m3 N/A 40m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

DASH <60m3-300m3>Maximum Performance x High Capacity

Maximum efficiency for each process and optimal overall balance are pursued. The DASH Series consists of high-performance batch plants that provide maximum performance with minimal investment and that minimize operating costs through maximum operating efficiency.


Model DASH-110 DASH-167 DASH-225 DASH-330
Theoritical discharge output Max. 100m3/H Max. 150m3/H Max. 180m3/H Max. 264m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale ×
Min. scale)
Gravel 1500 × 2kg 3kinds 2500 × 2kg 4kinds 3000 × 5kg 4kinds 4000 × 5kg 4kinds
Sand 1300 × 1kg 2kinds 2000 × 2kg 2kinds 2500 × 2kg 2kinds 3500 × 5kg 2kinds
Cement 550 × 0.5kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1500 × 1.0kg 3kinds
Water 300 × 0.2kg 2kinds 400 × 0.5kg 2kinds 500 × 0.5kg 2kinds 800 × 0.5kg 3kinds
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
10 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity 43m3 70m3 110m3 180m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

Dough Hook Extender for Bosch Universal Mixers – Bosch Mixers

Quick Overview Item Number: MUZ6DE1 Fits both Universal and Universal Plus Mixers. Now you can knead as little as 1 or 2 loaves of bread in your Bosch Mixer! The dough hook extender fits underneath the standard dough hook and enhances the kneading in all ...

Bosch Universal Plus | Kitchen Specialties & Granary

Bosch Universal Plus (Mixer comes with dough hook, whre whips, plastic whip drive, dough hook extender, splash ring and top cover) ... BOSCH Mixers. Description ...

Bosch Mixer Baker

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer with bowl, dough hook, Wire Whips, and lids also includes mixer baker pack: Cookie paddles, bowl scraper attachment, Dough Hook Extender attachment, and cake paddles.Bosch Mixer Baker

Bosch Small Batch Kneading Attachment (MUZ6DE1)

Bosch Dough Hook Extender. Fits the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. New accessory specially designed for mixing small batches of bread dough. The Bosch Universal Plus mixer is great for kneading large quantities of bread dough. But what about small batches? That’s where this accessory comes in. Customer reviews: Dough Hook Extender for Bosch

The review recommends the dough hook extender for when one is only mixing one to three loaves of other words for smaller batches in an otherwise large 6 qt mixing bowl. The dough hook extender works perfectly, reaching all the way to the bottom of the 6 Qt bowl and fits perfectly over the column.

Bosch Mixers | Vitamix Professional 750

Bosch Mixer Stainless Steel Dough Hook. Details. ALL NEW Cake Paddles and Metal Whip Drive. Details. Bosch Mixer Dough Hook Extender. Details. Bosch Mixer Lid Slicer Shredder. Details. Bosch Universal Plus Ice Cream Maker. Details. Cake Paddles. Details. Bosch Universal Slicer Shredder SALE 4.99. Details. Bosch Universal Food Processor. Details

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Rainy Day Bosch Dough Hook Extender

Bosch Dough Hook Extender. The new Dough Hook Extender accessory for the Bosch Universal mixer is placed under the dough hook and fits snugly against it. The extender sweeps the center column, allowing as little as one to two loaves of bread to be perfectly kneaded. It fits the Universal Plus and also fits older models of the Bosch Universal mixer.

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Kitchenaid vs. Bosch: which stand mixer is right for you

Nov 23, 2019 · The basic Bosch mixer package comes with wire whisks and a dough hook. However, I highly recommend getting the package with the extra baking attachments OR ordering the dough hook extender. The Bosch doesn’t handle small batches of bread dough as well as large batches without it (with it, it works great with batches as small as 3 cups of flour).

Dough Hook Extender | Kitchen Specialties & Granary

The Dough Hook Extender fits under the standard dough hook, allowing it to reach deeper into the bowl to properly knead smaller amounts of dough (1 or 2 loaves), as well as enhancing batches of all sizes (1-6 loaves)! Perfect for pizza or tortilla dough. Fits Universal and Universal Plus Mixers. Dishwasher safe. 1 year warranty.

Bosch Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer, 800 watt, 6

With the included dough hook extender, you can knead as little as one loaf of bread (3 cups flour) or up to 14 1-pound loaves, with either white or whole grain flour. The powerful belt-driven transmission delivers adequate torque to knead light or heavy loads without overheating or bogging down.

Dough Hook Extender

The Bosch Dough Hook Extender works with your dough hook to more effectively knead both small and large batches of dough. The extender fits snugly under the dough hook and sweeps along the center column and the curve at the bottom of bowl making sure that all your ingredients are effectively blended and incorporated.

Bosch Mixer Baker Package (5 off) 9

Nov 26, 2018 · With the included dough hook extender, you can knead as little as one loaf of bread (3 cups flour) or up to 14 1-pound loaves, with either white or whole grain flour. The powerful belt-driven transmission delivers adequate torque to knead light or heavy loads without overheating or bogging down.

Bosch Mixer Dough Hook Extender

Bosch Kitchen Center specializes in Bosch Mixers and Vitamix Professional Blenders as well as Nutrimill Grainmills. Bosch Kitchen Center is a gourmet kitchen wares store that offers many great products for you kitchen such as, Bosch Diswashers, Zyliss Salad Spinners, Chef'n palm brushes and peelers, Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers, Zojirushi breadmakers, Breville Juicers ...

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

So if you have a very stiff dough its easy to clean but if you have a wet dough its a pain. I did buy the new dough hook extender which does help a lot with smaller batches and i even use it up to 1kg of dough because it helps prevent the dough from winding around the center post.

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Bosch 350W Hand Mixer Set

New ergonomic design Lightweight and handy to operateHandle with soft touch insert for pleasant grip Five speed settingsAdditional pulse or turbo setting2 turbo ...

I Ditched My KitchenAid and Got a Bosch Mixer

The problem might be that the motor is too powerful for the plastic gears on the paddles. Or in some cases maybe the batch was too big, and it would've been better to use the dough hook. But if you mainly want the mixer for making bread, you can always buy it without the cookie paddles. Plus, the dough hook can be used for mixing cookie dough.

6.5qt Universal Mixer | Bosch

The Bosch Universal Plus 6 Qt Mixer with 800W Motor, comes with a dough hook extender, which allows the dough hook to be used to make one loaf! By using the dough hook extender, it will assist in making smaller loaves of bread! Hope this helps! Enjoy your day Howie! Thank you, Everything Kitchens ; Q: Is the bowl and other parts dishwasher safe? Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer Baker's Package

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Bosch Dough Hook Extender

Bosch 6.5-Quart Universal Plus Stand Mixer; Bosch Dough Hook Extender; Bosch Dough Hook Extender Is Not Available For Sale Online. This item may be discontinued or not carried in your nearest store. Please call your local store to check in-store availability before heading there.

Bosch Universal Mixer - How to Use the Accesssories

Oct 14, 2013 · Chef Brad explains the uses for the Batter Whisks, Wire Whips, Cookie Paddles, Dough Hook and Bowl Scraper. For more information and recipes visit To learn more about the ...

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Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer with Stainless

Includes wire whips with plastic whip drive, dough hook, dough hook extender, and 2-piece pouring shield and lid. The Bosch mixer reputation of quality began in 1952. Known for performance and exceptional reliability, Bosch mixers take food preparation to a whole new level.

Which Whips to Use with My BOSCH Mixer? | L'Chef

For small batches of bread (1-2 loaves), add the Dough Hook Extender, which fits below the dough hook, and is now included with most Bosch Mixers. Batter Whisks With 6 metal tines, these are ideal for light to medium pourable batters or soft mixtures.

Bosch Universal Mixer vs Kitchenaid Mixer vs The Nutrimill

Oct 09, 2019 · Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer (that’s the big one — that handles a LOT of dough) Paddles for batters/cookies; Wire whips for whipping; Bowl scraper that fits over all of the above to keep the ingredients in the mixing area (this is a favorite of mine, makes batters easy) Dough hook and dough hook extender for large and small batches of dough

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